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The Energy Systems for Endurance Athletes

The feeling of taking your body to its limits during endurance events is a love hate relationship for an athlete. Yes, it is very painful, yes you might feel a little bit sick and yes, your heart is pounding out of your chest but for some reason athletes love it and finding themselves craving more! But what defines these limits and why…

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What actually happens when we start exercising?

The human body has the most amazing ability to adapt both acutely and chronically, this article takes a closer look at what happens when we begin to exercise and why we get better after continuous endurance activity. Understanding this can help with your training, race preparation and motivation. Adenosine Triphosphate The very first thing that…

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Are you recovering Sufficiently?

Doing nothing, or the fear of doing nothing is often an athlete’s biggest downfall. A common perception within athletes is that training makes you better, now of course this is true however the fitness and performance benefits are only actually seen during rest periods and recovery. Great training can only be effective if it is…

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